Monograph History Books
  • There's A Bulldog On My Gas Tank

    The reminiscences of any soldier of any war are unique. What happened to him may be surprisingly different even from what happened to the soldier next to him, and his reactions and memories will probably be still more different. In addition, the actual experiences of any soldier are far removed, for better as well as for worse, from the imaginings of those whom he has left at home, especially those who really care for him. This can be of some comfort to them. For both these reasons reminiscences, however accurate, will be quite unlike the official history of the same war. That is partly why they can be so valuable. War is a great evil. Much sorrow and many tragedies are caused by it, but one’s life at war is not all about bullets and bombs, battalions and battleships. This is true even when one is in contact with the enemy, and anyway, one is not continuously in contact. 

  • A Tour Guide to Missouri's Civil War

    Almost half of the battles that were fought in the Civil War in 1861 occurred in Missouri.  This tour guide to Missouri’s Civil War describes over 230 historic sites with detailed driving instructions that take the traveler from one place to the other.  Sites include the well known and magnificent, such as Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield outside of Springfield, and others that are waiting to be re-discovered.  This book is an indispensible guide to the great Civil War battlefields in the Midwest.  It is also a study of many of the mighty characters that Missouri spawned and nurtured in the nineteenth century, and how Missouri’s Civil War impacted and in some cases ended their lives.  With images, maps, biographies of prominent individuals and interesting side stories, this book is a must-have for Civil War enthusiasts everywhere.

  • Collections of a Civil War Trivia Junkie

    Collections of a Civil War Trivia Junkie is the ultimate fact-finding book for Civil War enthusiasts all over the country. With 280 pages of fascinating facts and figures about the Civil War, this book brings to light many details about the Civil War that have seldom, if ever been addressed.  Additionally, this amazing book is full of over 150 high quality, thought provoking photographs, the majority of which were taken directly from the Library of Congress. These photos provide a living picture of the challenges and hardships that were endured by our ancestors who lived and served during the years of the Civil War. This incredible book arrives as our country recognizes its Sesquicentennial Celebration of  the Civil War.  The author, John A. Nischwitz, is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserve, and a 1964 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point.